Ministries for Youth

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We are a community of young adults (18–30s) that seeks to make a difference by faithfully serving God’s purposes in this generation. We gather in homes, coffee shops, parks, and anywhere we can find space for community. We find creative ways to impact and reach our cities with local and national and sometime global outreach, and we come together weekly on Wednesday every week at 5:00 pm to celebrate all God is doing with worship, hear an engaging message, and experience community after the service.

We meet weekly at different places of the nation, like, east west and north and south part of Nepal. But please check with your youth leader and ministry. Check our schedule regularly to see how we’re meeting every Wednesday in different ways! Our vision is simple. We exist to see youth and young adults saved, healed, set free, disciple, equipped, empowered, and serving. No matter your story,

The youth ministry concentrates on members of the church who fall between the ages of 13-24 years. Its function is to train, inspire, instruct and nurture the youth into finding full expression of their energies and ideas in the house of God and to properly integrate them into the adult service. They undertake various programs and activities that help them to develop in every area of their lives.


Contact Address in Nepal


P.O.BOX 86

Kathmandu Nepal